Online Engagement

Our future is being shaped by a global digital economy and the expectation that all Victorians should have unprecedented access to our services anywhere, any time and on any device.

To make this future a reality, we are committed to engaging more customers in meaningful ways online via a suite of meaningful digital channels and developing high-quality online tools.

In 2016-17, these include:

  •  Regular subscriber emails to more than 50,000 recipients
  • A LinkedIn community increasing in size by almost a third on 2015-16 figures
  • Our first Facebook live session to more than 3000 participants
  • New videos that dynamically address frequently asked questions
  • Interactive web decision tools to walk customers through land tax, vacant residential land tax and the FHOG 

Our website also continues to exceed expectations with our customers. Across the board, we recorded solid improvements in customer engagement compared to 2015-16 – total page views increased by 12 per cent, unique page views jumped 15 per cent and the average time spent on our pages gained almost 4 per cent. 

With further investment in digital solutions, Victorians can expect substantial changes to how they do business with us over the next few years.

Website page views
2016-17 = 23,260,411. 2015-16 = 20,776,825. 2014-15 = 16,917,854.
2013-14 = 15,560,787. 2012-13 = 13,631,579. 2011-12 = 10,026,704.