Education and Training

Strengthening our links with Victorian business, industry groups and peak customer bodies is central to how we approach the broader strategy of educating our customers.

This year, we focused our efforts on engaging these stakeholders face to face by delivering 39 external speaking engagements to industry and business groups across the state, drawing in 1617 participants. Furthermore, we facilitated regular meetings of the State Taxes Consultative Council involving senior industry stakeholders and peak professional bodies representing business.

Our efforts also focused on the digital space and online learning, which taps into a geographically vast and interactive audience. In 2016-17, we streamed almost 200 webinars and launched 19 videos to help businesses understand their tax obligations.

The flexibility of using our website for education enables customers to:  

  • Improve their understanding from wherever they are – metropolitan, rural or even overseas,
  • Fit education around other commitments,
  • Choose webinars that suit their diverse needs (such as for professionals, industry bodies), and
  • Download the resources before a webinar begins.