Digital Duties Form

We aim to develop simple digital tools that cut red tape and help our customers go about their daily business, and this includes the major financial decision of buying a home.

This marked shift towards online convenience over paper-based traditions has been a major driver in 2016-17 to develop a single, streamlined electronic application for all property transfers in Victoria.

Consequently, the new digital duties form was fully implemented on 1 July 2017, and applies to all contracts or agreements for land transfer duty entered into, on or after this date in Victoria.

By digitising land transfer duty assessments, customers save time by no longer having to lodge 16 cumbersome, paper-based land transfer duty forms for settlement. This new information platform will also:

  • End double-handling, duplication and data inconsistencies,
  • Reduce red tape for customers,
  • Help to lower their administration costs, 
  • Improve settlement completion rates,
  • Enable the reporting of Commonwealth requirements

Additionally, customer information is linked and pre-populated into a Duties Online transaction for a faster and more agile assessing process.

The digital duties form is expected to be used more than 200,000 times in 2016-17, and is being constantly reviewed to identify further enhancements for our customers.